What you need to do before transporting a cat or dog to the country, prepare your pet for the summer

Summer has come. On Fridays, lines of cars stretch from the dusty, stifling city to nature. During the long winter, everyone missed the warmth and the sun. Summer residents and gardeners carefully take care of their seedlings, buy the necessary seeds and seedlings. They try to get the tools and devices they need for the job. In anticipation of weekends and vacations, the wardrobe is being updated.

What about pets? They also have weekends and summer vacations. Dear owners, do not be lazy, go to the store and prepare in advance to take your animal to rest. The first thing you should think about is vaccinations. For 10-14 days, the animal needs to drive out the worms. The choice of anthelmintic drugs is now very large - these are tablets, and suspensions, and drops on the withers (spot-on). The price range will suit both retirees and businessmen.

You need to vaccinate an animal in a veterinary clinic that has a state license and permission to provide this type of service. The clinic may offer you to microchip your pet. Don't refuse. The grief from the loss of a pet is immeasurably greater than the amount spent on this procedure.

When planning a trip, you need to think over the way of transporting the animal. It is undesirable to transport birds and rodents in the cages in which they live. Any movement is stressful for them, and their favorite cell is a place of rest and rest. There are many different carriers on sale and you will definitely find the one you need.

Cats and dogs are usually transported in plastic containers or carrying bags. When choosing a model, it is important to consider how you ride and what kind of animal you have (age, temperament, coat type, etc.)

If your pet is sick, then you can buy special pills. For nervous, shy and overly excitable animals, herbal or homeopathic sedatives are suitable.

When leaving for a long time, take care of the usual food for your friend, do not forget about treats and toys. For outdoor activities, various balls, aport, floating toys, flying discs are suitable. Fashionistas and women of fashion can choose bright summer clothes. You will not be bored.

And now about the most important thing - how to protect your pet from fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. There are collars, sprays, shampoos and drops on the withers (spot-on). Prices from 35 rubles to 1200. Having come to the store, you can choose a preparation suitable for your animal in terms of age, size, lifestyle and ease of processing.

It is important that the store is licensed to sell drugs and that the sellers can properly instruct you. Be sure to pack a first aid kit with you on the road. There should be dressing materials: cotton wool, tourniquet, thermometer, pipette, tweezers, scissors, syringes, syringe, nail clipper, care drops for eyes and ears, shampoo or cleaning wipes for wool.

Complex homeopathic preparations of "Helvet" company, taken with you, will help you in unforeseen situations. After all, homeopathy is a form of medicinal regulatory therapy that stimulates the body's defenses. They have no side effects, are compatible with other medications and with each other. These drugs are produced in various dosage forms: tablets, solutions for injections, solutions for oral administration (drops) and external agents (gels).

Veracol - will help in the treatment of poisoning and gastrointestinal diseases.

Cantaren - treatment and prevention of kidney and urinary tract diseases.

Ovariovit is a non-hormonal drug for the prevention and treatment of harmonic problems.

Liarsin - regulates metabolism, restores the liver and pancreas, helps to eliminate harmful substances from the body.

Traumatin - is used for any injuries and inflammatory processes. Stops bleeding, has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects, accelerates tissue regeneration, supports the animal during and after childbirth or surgery.

Trauma-gel is a remedy for external treatment of wounds, burns, abrasions, bites, relieves pain, relieves itching.

Chondartron is a remedy for the treatment and prevention of ODA.

Fospasim is used to correct behavior (transportation, adaptation to new conditions).

Covertal - restores the liver.

Elvestin (oral solution) - strengthens the immune system, regulates the gastrointestinal tract, supports the liver and normalizes metabolism.

Injectable forms of drugs are convenient and most effective: the course of treatment in acute cases can be limited to 2-5 injections. In chronic processes, the duration of the course increases to 2-4 weeks. If, for some reason, you cannot give injections, then the indicated drug can be drunk inside, increasing the dosage by 1.5 times. Be sure to have the phone number of a veterinarian or the nearest clinic on hand. If it is not possible to turn to a specialist, I hope our advice will help you and you already know the phone number of your favorite pet store.

Let your animals feel cared for even when you are busy planting, weeding or harvesting. Do not hesitate to call come "Dyusha" is waiting for you and your pets.

Addresses of pet shops, veterinary pharmacies and veterinary clinics "Dyusha":
st. Soldata Korzun, 40 - veterinary clinic, veterinary pharmacy, pet store, t .: (812) 759-14-59
st. Marshal Zakharova, 42 - pet shop, veterinary pharmacy, t .: (812) 742-20-47
st. Partizan German, 14/117 - pet shop, veterinary pharmacy, t .: (812) 736-82-26, +7 (960) 247-55-16
st. O. Dundycha, 17 - pet shop, veterinary pharmacy, t .: (812) 366-56-84

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